Mombasa Campus
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In line with the University of Nairobi Vision, Mombasa Campus shall be a Center of Scholarly Excellence.


To provide quality university education and training and to embody the aspirations of the Kenyan people and the global community through creation, preservation, integration, transmission and utilization of knowledge.

Core Values

In order to realize the above vision and mission, certain shared values shall be nurtured. The University of Nairobi Mombasa Campus will be guided by the following Core Values derived from the virtues and moral standards of the Kenyan and wider society:

  • Freedom of thought and expression
  • Innovativeness and creativity
  • Good corporate governance
  • Team spirit and teamwork
  • Professionalism
  • Quality customer service
  • Responsible corporate citizenship and strong social responsibility.
  • Respect for and conservation of the environment
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