Ministry Of Transport and Infrastructure
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State Department For Housing and Urban Development

  • Housing policy management
  • Development and management of affordable housing
  • Management of building and construction standards and codes
  • National secretariat for hguman settlement
  • Management of civil servants housing scheme
  • Development and management of government housing
  • Shelter and slum upgrading
  • Building research services
  • Registration of contractors and materials suppliers building research services
  • Registration of civil, building and electro-mechanic contractors
  • Registration of architects and quantity surveyors
  • Urban planning and development
  • State Department For Public Works

  • Public works policy and planning
  • Public office accommodation lease and management
  • Maintenance of inventory of government property in liaison with the national treasury
  • Overseeing provision of mechanical and electrical(Building) services to public buildings
  • Supplies branch and coordination of procurement of common user items by government ministries
  • Development and management of government buildings
  • Other public works
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