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  • Coordinating the various environmental management activities being undertaken by the lead agencies.
  • Promote the integration of environmental considerations into development policies, plans, programmes and projects, with a view to ensuring the proper management and rational utilization of environmental resources, on sustainable yield basis, for the improvement of the quality of human life in Kenya.
  • To take stock of the natural resources in Kenya and their utilization and conservation.
  • To establish and review land use guidelines.
  • Examine land use patterns to determine their impact on the quality and quantity of natural resources.
  • Carry out surveys, which will assist in the proper management and conservation of the environment.
  • Advise the Government on legislative and other measures for the management of the environment or the implementation of relevant international conventions, treaties and agreements.
  • Advise the Government on regional and international conventions, treaties and agreements to which Kenya should be a party and follow up the implementation of such agreements.

Link: National Enviroment Management Authority

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