Our Clients

Our clients consist the following:

    College of Agriculture and Veterenirary Sciences
    College of Biology and Physical Sciences
    College of Education and External Studies
    College of Health Sciences
    College of Humanities and Social Sciences
    Kisumu Campus
    Mombasa Campus
    College of Architecture and Engineering
    Board of Post Graduate Studies (BPS)
    Internal Audit
    Board of Common Undergradaute Courses
    Library Services
    Finance Department
    Transport Department
    Security & Services Department
    Planning Division
    University of Nairobi Press
    Procurement Department
    Academic Division
    Estates Department
    Sports and Games Department
    Centre For International Programmes and Links (CIPL)
    Centre for Self Sponsored Programmes
    University Health Services
    Legal Office
    Quality Assuarance
    Student Welfare Authority
    Intellectual Property Management Office
    Dean of Students
    Confucius Institute
    Field Station
    Ministry of Transport & Infrastructure
    Information,Communication and Technology Center
    Ministry of Water and Irrigation
    Ministry of Energy and Petroleum
    Ministry of Mining
    Ministry of Envirorment and Natural Resources
    Ministry of Sports,Culture And The Arts
    Ministry of Education,Science and Technology
    Ministry of Devolution and Planning

Meeting client expectations
We aim at providing maximum satisfaction to all our clients. We provide the following services

    Well maintained physical facilities that include lecture theatres, laboratories, offices, hostels, residential houses, roads, and other physical facilities.
    Development of new physical facilities that meet the demand for University activities
    Immediate response to M1 (Maintenance Requests)

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