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Proposed CEMA Data Laboratory at UNITID Building College of Health Sciences

The University of Nairobi through CEMA Data Laboratory at UNITID received a grant funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to support the Ministry of Health on monitoring and analyzing COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 health metrics,through the implementation of the "Kenya Data for Health "(Data4Health)" project.The department of Construction & Maintenance being the the Project Managers are supervising the ongoing reburshiment works.

University Continues to rank Top Regionally

Over the years, the University of Nairobi has been ranked among the top universities in Africa and the world.

On whichever platform be it Times Higher Education (THE) Ranking or Webometrics that has been consistently releasing results, the University of Nairobi has continued to stay in the top 10% bracket.

Recently, the Webometrics ranking released in January 2021 placed the UoN at Position 1 in Kenya and East Africa, Position 13 in Africa, and 1052 in a total of over 30,000 universities ranked globally.


The University of Nairobi Vet-Lab in collaboration with donors are carrying out refurbishment works at the County of Kajiado laboratory which will be used jointly by the University of Nairobi and the County of Kajiado for education and research works.The department of Construction and Maintenance is acting as the Project Manager for the project.



The University of Nairobi has began the implementation of hygiene protocols aganist Covid 19 as instructed by the Ministry of Education.The department of Civil and Construction Engineering has become the first department to create hand washing points for its students who are resuming studies which were cut short by the Covid 19 pandemic.This initiative will be further rolled out to the rest of University premises.

Design,Construction,Supply of Equipment,Installation,Testing and Commissioning of Broadcast Studios for School of Journalism,University of Nairobi

The School of Journalism, University of Nairobi is currently undertaking a project to create a state of the art broadcast studio both Radio& TV to be used by students and the University community at large.

The project is currently on-going and almost due for completion.

Post Covid 19 Impact on Construction Industry Sector

An excerpt of report prepared by Cytonn Investments a leading asset manager in Kenya analysing the impact of Covid 19 in the Construction Industry in Kenya as follows: 

Disruption of Supply Chains – There has been a negative impact on the supply chains as most developers source for construction materials from nations such as China. We expect this to translate to longer development periods owing to a shortage of resources and ultimately reduced building completions.

Prof. Kiama formally installed as VC

Prof. Stephen Kiama, has been officially installed as the eighth Vice-Chancellor of the University of Nairobi, taking over from Prof. Peter Mbithi. During his installation in Taifa Hall, Main Campus on June 5, 2020, Prof. Kiama promised to institute reforms and steer the ship during in the turbulent waters.“The University of Nairobi faces tough times and we must act decisively. We need to institute reforms,” he said in his inaugural speech. “We need to institute financial reforms, governance reforms even as we make key decisions based on data. We need a data management system.